Came for the first time to California in 1991 at the age of 18 searching for the American dream. When he arrived to Napa Valley, he knew that something amazing would happen. He said: “this is one of the most beautiful places on earth; here I even breathe a fresher air.”  

 Back then Alex knew nothing about grape growing or winemaking. He had no realization that working in the vineyard and winery was going to change his life; forever. Being an art aficionado and fantastic photographer, he looks at winemaking as life imitating art. He said “winemaking is art, just like painting, the vineyard is my easel, the grapes are my canvas, the varieties and the clones are my paint colors, and the master piece is the finish bottle of wine.” Every wine is different like every piece of art for an artist.

 For this Mexican born immigrant, coming to a new place, getting established, and breaking new grounds was not easy. None English speaking and not knowing his surroundings, took quite some energy and time to assimilate his new environment. Alex came to the States and went to College to study English, the Arts, Viticulture and Wine making. He fully understood the importance of education to succeed and with perseverance and inner strength he achieved his goal; to reach the American Dream.  

 Alex spent 12 years producing and managing Robert Pecota Winery wines; this gave him the courage to launch his very own brand Alex Sotelo Cellars and consult as a winemaker for other Napa Valley wineries.

 On June 24th 1991, 13 years after Alex Sotelo arrived to the states, he released his first Napa Valley wine under his own brand; A major mile-stone for an immigrant. For him wine making is not just a job, is his life. His philosophy is to be a better person every day by improving what you do and still be a happy person.  

 Alex was born in Jerez, Zacatecas Mexico; he came to Napa in 1991 and started to work in the vineyards as many immigrants do. It took many years of schooling and endless hours in the vineyards, doing experiments in the cellars and the valor to pursue his passion to get to where he is now, a well established and admired Winemaker. For Alex this is a dream came true, He said “dreams can come true with dedication, hard work and perseverance.”  

 Alex has been inspired by many people, but his biggest influencer and mentor, Robert Pecota, gave him the opportunity to reach for his dreams, and the encouragement to achieve them. Others that inspired and supported his career were his parents and his seven sisters. Without them he would not be where he is today.

Many people have crossed his path and impacted his life; He said “I have been very fortunate to have been surrounded by amazing people everyday of my life. It makes it all worth it.” Looking around at this fantastic piece of earth, it’s wonderful to see traces of who came to the valley before us and poured their hearts and souls on what we do. The passion and love for our family and the love we share for this the piece of heaven, is who we are and why we are here.


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